In June 2020, Treasured Canadian photographer, Mr. John Robert Rowlands suffered a second and third stroke in series. Somehow, this most resilient and prolific artist has recovered his speech and much of his dexterity in one hand.

This traumatic brain injury has not robbed the world of Mr. Rowlands. He still has many contributions to make to the rock and roll and film industry as a multifaceted photographer whose specialties have included assuring arena concert tour consistency, documenting the life changes, of our most beloved rock and film personalities, and more. His images have preserved over five decades of rock performance history with his camera trigger finger for a sharpshooter’s accuracy in capturing the telling moment and his instinctive knack for precision framing.

Starting with Brenda Lee and Sam Cooke in 1960 at age 13, John has created a body of work that includes the Beatles, the Stones, The Who, Tina Turner, Linda Ronstadt, George Harrison, and many more. He needs support in cataloguing this vast and astonishing body of work.

John also still has work obligations such as fulfilling photographic special requests from the likes of David Bowie and Tilda Swinton, but he needs us all to get behind him in his post-stroke time of need to cut through the red tape and get back on his feet both financially and medically. He needs us to keep his morale as buoyant and exuberant as his works have made his fans feel over the years.

Please contribute all you can to give Mr. John Rowlands a second chance at properly preparing his unique and irreplaceable legacy as a gift to history and the world.

Specifically, funds will be used as donations arrive for the following:

  • to keep John living independently and in comfort, including equipment for his kitchen and elsewhere in his home for one-handed use
  • to pay for help in cataloguing his millions of images, including software and an assistant
  • to free up John’s time for rehabilitation, especially in recovering the full use of both hands
  • covering the cost of social media and other advertising for the fundraiser with regular updates, including video.
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